How to Improve your Barbell Cycling

Barbell cycling is a method of moving a barbell through the complete range of motion that requires degrees of technique, body control, speed, and movement efficiency to allow multiple repetitions to be performed.
When performing barbell cycling, whether for a few reps (3-5) or longer sets, we often see improved body awareness and fluidity between the moving barbell and the lifter. Note, that proper lifting technique must first be learned in a non-cycling fashion so that coaches and athletes can properly progress and monitor any faults that may arise. Once an athlete has begun to demonstrate a proper understanding and competence for the skilled movements like a snatch, clean, and jerk; they can begin to learn barbell cycling in smaller sets using the progressions in this video. Check out this video to see some of our:

💥 Points of performance to remember:

  • Rest and reset at top of move, establish core and caught breath
  • Pull elbows back to keep bar path tight
  • Push hips back
  • Keep knees back until bar has passed them
  • Don’t rest at the bottom
  • Stay tight through the movement
  • Keep your bar tight to you body

💥 Progressions

  1. Practice moving a dowel first:

2. Utilise a light barbell that you can control, keeping the movement slow and controlled before removing pausing and shortening hang positions

3. Once you master this move to appropriately loaded barbell- pause at in the catch for as long as required as you get more proficient you will be able to be more efficient, shortening or loosing the pause in your catch

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