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Jill Lowry


Background: Jill had an active upbringing, trying her hand at just about any sport she could. She started participating in classes at the gym after finishing school, before finding her feet and a love for free weights. Jill moved into Personal Training and has never looked back, trying her hand at Body Building, her passion still lied with barbell work and an urge for constant challenges in her training. She started back with functional training and loved the results she saw in her training and the enjoyment she got from training. She joined Iron Lion in 2017, wanting to be apart of a community, being constantly challenged by those around her and having a desire to build on her gymnastic skills and fine tuning her barbell work.

Why I Crossfit: Crossfit provides me with a well rounded training program, that continues to build my skills, strength and conditioning each time I step foot in the gym. I am forever being challenged by the workload in front of me, learning about myself, and how to work with my body in order to get the most out of it. Crossfit is not JUST about flogging yourself, its about learning, the methodology speaks not only about fitness, but nutrition, mobility, flexibility and life balance. I believe it is a training modality that everyone can be apart of and all athletes can take something away from every training session.

Why I Coach: I have a strong desire to assist people, and I believe that providing people with tools and information on how they can become the healthiest version of themselves combines two of my favorite things! Coaching Crossfit allows me to assist people to implement a healthy training program, while also informing them on nutrition, mobility and flexibility to provide the public with something they can incorporate into every aspect of their life.

Philosophy: My philosophy is based on movement being key for each human being, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. I believe that each individual will start their fitness journey with motivation, though that can only take you so far, you need discipline and consistency to continue the challenge. Fitness Goals should constantly challenge you, celebrate the achievements, but continue to move the goal post, there is always something else you can work on

Qualifications: Cert III & IV in Fitness

Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting

Level 1 Crossfit

Favourite Food: Smashed Avo and Feta with 2 hard poached eggs