Getting your first Toes to Bar

Check out this weeks Technique video where we show you a series of progressions to work through to get your first Toes to Bar reps! As always take your time and master each step fully before you progress onto the next. Taking the time to build strong foundations will set you up for success!

The toes to bar is a compound movement that tests your core strength, shoulder strength/mobility, grip, and in many cases, your kipping ability.
The key to becoming proficient at toes to bar is developing the correct technique and kip, so that you can do the movement fluidly and efficiently. Once you’re able to string toes to bar together, doing large sets in workouts will pay off and save tons of time.
The toes to bar movement can be broken down into a few key cues.
• Hands just outside shoulder width, full grip on the pull-up bar
• Start hanging with arms extended
• Initiate swing with shoulders
• Alternate between arched and hollow body position
• Feet move to bar in hollow position
• At same time, push down on the bar with your hands

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