Meet The CrossFit Iron Lion Team

Co-Owner/Head Coach
Luke has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2006 in Australia and Europe. He has always had a huge passion for helping people to become better versions of themselves through the application of the most up to date training and nutritional methods.

It was in 2010 that he discovered the phenomenon that was CrossFit and instantly knew he had found a training methodology and a way of life that was a perfect fit for him and his clients. After opening his own CrossFit gym in Caloundra in 2012 his passion and dedication to the CrossFit way of life has grown exponentially. He has never seen a training method that gets such incredible results for people, not only physically, but also in every other area of their lives. He finds that the power of the CrossFit community is second to none in dramatically changing lives and keeping people constantly motivated.


– CrossFit Level 2 Trainer 

– Cert III/IV Personal Training

– Crossfit Gymnastics

– OPEX Programming Principles

– Level 1 ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

– Pendlay Level 1&2 Weightlifting 

– CHEK HLC 2 Coach 

– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

– Clean Health Advanced Nutritional Program Design

– Clean Health Base Lab Analysis

– 5th Element Wellness – Wellness & Performance Seminar

– Centrality Advanced Postural Analysis

– Cert IV Sports/Remedial Massage Therapy

Co-Owner/Head Coach
My life is defined by my family (my beautiful wife and our two awesome boys) and my role in supporting, encouraging and providing a positive guiding influence to all of them as we travel along life's path. This strongly parallels the way I view my role as a coach.

I discovered CrossFit back in 2008 when looking around for some functional exercise programs to complement my martial arts training. I had some limited equipment at home and was just playing around with the movements and principles of CrossFit on my own. I joined a CrossFit affiliate at the end of 2009, after we moved, and were actually living close to one (there were only 2 affiliates on the Sunshine Coast back then). I immediately started to receive some great coaching and really started to see what the methodology of CrossFit was all about, and have been training ever since. With a long time interest in the human body and how it functions under physical stress it only seemed natural to pursue coaching. I started coaching at start of 2011 and have been progressing and constantly learning ever since, a never ending journey.




– CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

– CrossFit Gymnastics

– CrossFit Kids

– Bachelor Applied Science (Human Movement Studies)

– Cert III/IV Personal Training

– Cert IV Sports/Remedial Massage Therapy Level 1

– AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

– Pendlay Level 1&2 Weightlifting

– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Senior Coach
With a background in Personal Training and Body Building, Jill ventured into the world of Crossfit looking for a new challenge, and loved the results she saw, as well as how much more she was enjoying her training. She joined Iron Lion in 2017 and has never looked back!

Why I Crossfit: Crossfit provides me with a well rounded training program, that continues to build my skills, strength and conditioning each time I step foot in the gym. The methodology speaks not only about fitness, but nutrition, mobility, flexibility and life balance. I believe it is a training system that everyone can be apart of and take something away from every training session. 


Why I Coach: I have a strong desire to assist people and  provide people with tools and information on how they can become the healthiest version of themselves.  Coaching Crossfit allows me to assist people to implement a healthy training program, while also informing them on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. 


Philosophy: My philosophy is based on movement being key for each human being, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. 



– Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

– Cert III & IV in Fitness

– Level 1 & 2 Olympic Weightlifting

– Favourite Food: Smashed Avo and Feta with 2 hard poached eggs

AJ Jeffrey coach at CrossFit Iron Lion
Andy "AJ" Jeffrey
AJ has worked as a full time strength and conditioning coach since 2006. He has also been doing CrossFit for over 11 years. He has previously run his own Crossfit gym 'AJ Crossfit' in Brisbane which he founded in 2010.

Level 2 Crossfit Coach, Crossfit coaching speciality certs in: Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Competitors course, Mobility, Endurance (pose method) and Goal setting & mindset.
Tanya Buchan coach at CrossFit Iron Lion
Tanya Buchan
I first started Crossfit in 2010 while working as a physiotherapist on an Army base in Darwin. The soldiers from the base had come back from being deployed to Afghanistan with American soldiers who were following Crossfit workouts while overseas.

They encouraged me to try one of the benchmark workouts (Cindy) and I was immediately hooked. I especially liked the idea of a different workout every day. I had always tried to be an active person and played lots of different sports but Crossfit provided a different type of training that I immediately connected with and felt had a lot of value when trying to maximize my health and longevity.

Why I Crossfit: Crossfit provides an encouraging and supportive place for me to push myself consistently and train my body physically and mentally. I enjoy the variety and challenge of the workouts and the community of people that gather everyday to go through the challenge with you.

Crossfit is also a reminder about the value of patience, perseverance and consistency. It takes time to get stronger and gain skills that you have previously not been exposed to or find really difficult. With effort, consistent practice and good coaching you will improve and achieve new skills but it does take time. The feeling of getting your first push up / pull up / overhead squat / muscle up is worth all the hard work.

Why I coach:I have been extremely fortunate to be part of three amazing Crossfit boxes since I first started nine years ago – all with a fantastic coaching staff. They provided a safe, encouraging and challenging place for me to develop and train my Crossfit skills and I really enjoy being able to provide the same experience for others. Combined with my physiotherapy background, coaching provides an opportunity for me to support our community on their strength and fitness journey.


As a physiotherapist I am keenly aware and understand the importance that movement, strength and conditioning play in the wellbeing and longevity of our community. As a modern human we face a lot of challenges to being active and healthy. We have to work hard to meet our exercise and wellbeing goals. Crossfit provides a framework for movement, strength and conditioning that is challenging and scalable for everyone. It creates an environment that is safe and fun – especially with the support of great coaches and a strong Crossfit community.


Masters in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy
Level 1 Club Weightlifting / Sports Power coach
Level 1 Crossfit coach

Favorite food: Tacos.

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