Success Stories

What People Are Saying

“You're excited to the come to the gym because it's such a great atmosphere. Since coming back from pregnancy i've lost 8kg and have regained my fitness”

Dan & Kirra

Electrician & School Teacher

“At 42 years old this is the strongest and fittest i've ever been, and i was in the army”

Kelli & Steve 

Sales Rep & Nursery Manager

"Physically my body has changed and is more defined. I look in the mirror now and go wow!"

Daph & Jerome 

Group fitness instructor & Data Analytics Manager 

“Everyone here helps each other out regardless of what level you're at. I felt welcome straight away”



“I have a physical job and as I got older I was struggling with it physically. Since starting Crossfit I don’t struggle anymore and that’s huge for me.”

Mark & Deb  

Surveyor & Teacher 


“It wouldn't be an Iron Lion interview without a tonne of laughs”

Dan & Kirra 

Blooper Reel

“I've got rheumatoid arthritis and since starting Crossfit and changing my nutrition i've got no symptoms and am off all my medications"

Tez & Kaylee 

Hairdresser & Financial Planner

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"As a single working mum, the support of the amazing Iron Lion community has played a huge part in the lifestyle change that has seen me lose over 20kg."
Jenna Schmidt
"When Andrew started with us in 2018 his goal was to get under 100kgs. 12 Months later he smashed that goal and has now set his sights on even bigger things. He also recently competed in the Australian National DragonBoat Race Championships, and said that there is no way he could have achieved that before his transformation at Iron Lion. "
Andrew McVittie
"I was 107 kg, had osteoarthritis in my feet so bad I was crying with the pain at the end of the day. I had high blood pressure and was taking medication to keep it under control. Over 12 months at Iron Lion I lost 33kg, my arthritis is 80% better, I am off blood pressure meds and I have more self confidence! Apart from having my 4 children this is one of my proudest achievements, I have not been this weight since I was 14! I cannot express my gratitude enough, its affected every facet of my life and made me a better me .. thankyou from the bottom of my heart"
Joanne Cordwell
"So grateful to my coaches and community at Iron Lion. I have made so many big changes in 1 year both physically and mentally and it’s all because of you guys! Iron Lion has really changed my life!"
Kirra Ryan
"From first contact Iron Lion was welcoming, and since starting it has been an infinitely better use of my time than grazing around a normal gym doing a standard program ever was. The scheduling and variety is great. The coaches have a great eye for what the right scale is for you, and moving you forward in your skills and ability. It seems to be a place people can just be themselves and take some time for themselves – that’s a really rare thing in this world. "
Terry Gracey
"Robin completely changed his body shape, and overall health after 6 months of consistent training and following our simple nutrition guidelines."
Robin Doodson

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