The Benefits of Training Partners

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Training partners can be invaluable. Whether they’re pushing you to stay accountable with your training, motivating you to achieve your best, or simply helping the time pass faster, they can help you get the most out of your gym time.

Keeps You Accountable and Consistent

Having a training partner is a great way to stay accountable and consistent with your training. When you know that they’re expecting to meet you at the gym it makes it a lot more difficult to just skip a day because you’re ‘not feeling it’. More likely than not your training partner will call you out, and motivate you to get yourself in there and get a good workout in!

A training partner can also help you push that little bit harder in workouts, particularly partner workouts. If you’ve got someone else relying on you, you don’t want to let them down!

Healthy Competition

Another great benefit of having a training partner is a little bit of healthy competition. While this will depend on the abilities of both you and your training partner, sometimes little challenges between you will arise. If both you and your training partner are competitive you both may end up pushing each other to achieve more than you would have alone. You just need to make sure the competition doesn’t get too out of hand!

Makes Workouts Enjoyable

Training with a partner can make workouts so much more enjoyable. Sometimes when working out alone it can feel like the workout drags on and takes forever. With a training partner you can laugh and joke, bonding over how challenging the workout is. You’re also able to celebrate each other’s wins, because you both know how hard the other person had to work to achieve their goals. Being able to share your successes with someone makes them that much more rewarding.

Support During Challenging Times

Training isn’t always happy and enjoyable though. We all can go through harder times, struggling to feel motivated, feeling like you’re going nowhere, and wanting to give up. A training partner can be your shoulder to lean on, your cheerleader, and your motivator when you can’t be your own. A training partner can pull you out of your rut, and bring you back on track with your training!

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